Photo of Chris Spangenberg
photo of Chris Spangenberg

Chris Spangenberg lives and writes in Camarillo, California. With a lifetime of images in his heart and imagination, he has been inspired to share those treasures through his writing. Relatively new to the world of poetry, he regularly shares his work at open mic nights in the area. His work has been published in the Askew Poetry Journal.

Chris first learned to fly helicopters in the US Army. After returning from a tour in Vietnam, he flew for various law enforcement and firefighting organizations. – editor

Chris Spangenberg


Treading the ancient roads
Euphrates to the Rhine

On paths long rutted
by gypsy caravans
heavy with dreams
of the dispossessed

Wind driven
they are pages
of yesterday’s newspaper
trapped on chain link fences
their stories fading

Parched souls
of summer leaves
scattered swirling
in empty streets

Wailing mothers
last cries of children
lost at sea
lost at the gates

Then winter
railroad tracks in snow
ghost trains full

Their cargo of shame
rolling backward
to the Fatherland

Workers for the
new machine

At the border
a sign
Work will set you free


Night Missions

Rising like tracers
in the night they come

Floating dreams of death
slow motion specters
heavy with their cargo
of terror

Gaining terrible speed
as they pass close
on their insane orbits
into the dark


Flare Chutes

We circle-turning
as in a dance
or a bull ring
The night darker
than death

Burning blue-white
magnesium suns
cast insane shadows
as they sink

An instant of vision
then blind
once more

Ghosts of now dead sons
in my dreams of war

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